Complaint Box

Seek Guidance from OAA Experts

Open Access Asia (OAA) has developed a dedicated complaint section for authors and publishers to report unethical practices and seek assistance. If you encounter any unethical behavior by a publisher or an author, or face issues in journal management, you can now contact Open Access Asia with your complaint and provide supporting evidence. Whether you are a publisher dealing with problematic authors or an author experiencing unethical practices from a publisher or journal, we encourage you to submit your case for consideration by the Open Access Asia Advisory Board.

The complaint box is essential for ensuring that critical voices are heard and addressed. Many authors and publishers may feel vulnerable or fear retaliation when reporting unethical practices. Open Access Asia is committed to protecting the anonymity of those submitting complaints, providing a safe and secure platform for raising concerns. This initiative fosters a culture of transparency and accountability, enabling the academic community to address and rectify issues that compromise the integrity of scholarly publishing.

To file a complaint, please submit detailed information and any relevant evidence to ensure a thorough review and appropriate action. Together, we can uphold the integrity of scholarly publishing and foster a transparent, ethical academic environment.

If you need to report a problem or address any unethical behavior, please use the following form to share your experience or express your concerns.