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Join OAA

By joining Open Access Asia (OAA), you can contribute to the organization's important efforts to promote open-access publishing and ensure the quality and transparency of academic journals. OAA is a non-profit organization that relies on the support of individuals, institutions, and organizations to achieve its mission of creating an online database of legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific journals published in Asia, which can help researchers and scholars identify trusted journals for their research.

Ensuring OAA's financial independence is essential to maintain its reliability as a source of information and to promote the growth and flourishing of open-access publishing. To become a member and support OAA's mission, please refer to the table below for membership fee details.

Annual Membership Dues (USD)

The following are the dues OAA member organizations are required to pay. All dues are in USD and are based on a calendar year.

Membership Fee for
Publisher type One Year Two Years
Individual Journal 200 320
Professional Publishers (Small) 300 480
Professional Publishers (Medium) 600 960
Professional Publishers (Large) 900 1440
Professional Publishers (Enterprise) 900 1440
Service Providers 600 960
Academic Institute 1200 1920

The size of professional publishing organizations is determined by the total number of journals they publish, regardless of whether they have an open-access policy or not. A small organization publishes below 10 journals, a medium-sized organization publishes 10-25 journals, a large organization publishes 25-35 journals, and enterprise organization publishes above 35 journals.

Members who join OAA after August 31st will be charged 50% of the yearly membership dues for that calendar year.

There are several benefits to supporting Open Access Asia (OAA) for publishers, which may include:

  1. Increased visibility and exposure: By supporting OAA, your organization can be recognized as a champion of open-access publishing, which can increase your visibility and exposure among researchers and scholars in Asia.
  2. Access to a trusted database: OAA is committed to providing a reliable and legitimate database of peer-reviewed scientific journals published in Asia. As a publisher, supporting OAA can give you access to this database, which can help you identify trusted journals for your research.
  3. Networking opportunities: Supporting OAA can provide networking opportunities with other publishers, researchers, and scholars who share the same goal of promoting open-access publishing.
  4. Promote ethical publishing practices: OAA is committed to promoting ethical publishing practices, including transparency and fairness in peer review. By supporting OAA, you can demonstrate your commitment to these practices, which can enhance your reputation as a publisher.
  5. Improved brand image: Supporting OAA can improve your brand image as a socially responsible and ethical publisher, which can be attractive to researchers, scholars, and institutions who value these qualities.

How to apply for membership: To apply for membership, please complete the online application form. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed by the OAA Board of Directors, which typically takes about two weeks for approval. Once your application is approved, an invoice will be issued, and your membership will be activated upon receipt of payment.

Guidelines for membership: By accepting membership, OAA expects its members to follow legal and ethical good practices and ensure that their own activities or business practices do not bring disrepute to OAA.

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